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The Second Amman City Conference: Sustainability, Participation
and Urban Governance


Al Urdun Al Jadid Research Center (i.e. the New Jordan Research Center), is one of the most innovative and dynamic research centers in Jordan. The Center is an independent non-governmental organization (NGO), working for sustainable development in Jordan and the Arab World, through developing scientific research, administering discussions and dialogues, organizing conferences and workshops, and exchanging expertise and experience with other regional and international organizations.

The Center pursues its objectives through forums for dialogue and discussion, especially on issues of democratic development, and by developing general policies and legislations, through workshops, brainstorming sessions, conferences, and seminars. UJRC also publishes the proceedings of these activities, including research papers sponsored or prepared by the Center, in a wide-range series of publications.

The Center was established in 1990 as an extension to the quarterly Al-Urdun Al-Jadid magazine (1984-1990). UJRC began working in 1993, with a license from the Department of Press and Publications / Ministry of Information, in conformity with Law No. 10 of 1993.

UJRC provides the highest quality research, policy recommendations, and analytical perspectives on the full range of public policy issues. Research is also conducted to inform and raise awareness amongst the public. Our researchers have varied experience in public, private and academia – and hold diverse points of view. The Center’s mission is to provide distinguished research and foster public debate on internationally important issues.

The Center continuously strives to enhance democratic and economic development within the region. UJRC is actively involved in a number of regional and international initiatives and networks, and plays an important role in the development of civil society participation and in advocating on issues of special public concern.
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